Cannot open SU Pro file or login to Trimble

I have not been able to open a SU Pro file to work on, or start a new file for the last 24 hours. I last used SU three days ago. When I attempt to use SU, a tag pops up that says, “Authorized Token cannot be used…sign in…” When I go to SketchUp/Manage Licesing, it asks me to sign it, but when I do, it grays out. I can go to Trimble and confirm that I am an active Pro user until December. What is an Authorized Token? Have I missed something in the last few days?

I am getting same error
what is going on
wont let me sign into account

It’s odd that nobody noticed Craig’s post in August. There are a number of different issues that have a similar description, and yours may not be quite like Craig’s.

But, many people have had a particular issue in the last week, and there is a better chance that you have the new problem. Enough people have had the problem that support posted this page:

See if the steps given on that page help you.

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