Cannot make shaded objects in my drawing


I am a newbie to Sketchup and am trying to design a new garden for my property.

Having measured the my house external dimensions I attempted to draw a 2 dimensional outline of the property, and also imported an image from Google for a rough guide for geometry. All was well until I noticed sometimes lines when connected to one another to form a square, do not make a shaded object.

I have spent days of trying to find the right tutorial as what I am doing wrong but am struggling. I would be grateful if someone could diagnose my problem and help me see the light :+)

Thanking you

Could you upload the SKP file here, it’s pretty much only guessing without it.

Manor Farm House - Full Model v0.07 Shed e.skp (2.8 MB)

Hi Ian, thanks for the reply, file attached.

I can’t do any SketchUp right now, maybe someone else might have a look…

The problem is that you didn’t keep all your lines in the same plane. Notice the Z values in this screen shot.
Screenshot - 11_5_2017 , 7_28_04 AM

You need to have all the corners in the same plane to get a face. That’s a simple rule of geometry.

On another note, before you get to applying materials to objects in your model you need to make sure face orientation is correct. The blue faces are reversed. For 2D objects that’s normal but for your 3D objects, you should reverse those faces so they are white side out. Selecting them, right clicking and choosing Reverse Faces will take care of that.

You also need to learn about groups and components. Read the Help files about them. They will provide separation between discreet entities.

Another thing to note is that you have modified the axes in the model. Solid blue should point up not down.

This shows the way you have the axes positioned.
Screenshot - 11_5_2017 , 7_35_43 AM

And the correct location/orientation.
Screenshot - 11_5_2017 , 7_36_01 AM

Right click on an axis and choose Reset.

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