Shading of Edges Varies

How come the shading on the narrow edges of some of these scrolls is different? (see the attached SKP file) Is it something to do with the position of the light source? All scrolls are on the same plane. Also the shading on the rounded edges is different. I haven’t rendered any of the faces yet. Second question, can I remove the line between the semicircular ends and the rest of the components? I tried hiding the lines, but when I render the faces, they show up as white lines because they’ve been hidden. The semicircular faces were created on the same plane as the face they were attached to (using guide lines), so can I merge the faces?

scroll.skp (1.1 MB)

Some of the faces are reversed and showing the default blue back face color. I’ve changed the style so the back face color is red. Some faces you’ve painted white.

Your process of going from 2D to 3D is responsible for the reversed faces. They can be fixed by right clicking on them and selecting Reverse Faces.

Are you really using SketchUp 8 as indicated in your profile?

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Yes, because Sketchup 8 can be used free for commercial purposes (I don’t use it often, so I have to relearn how to do things every time I go to use it.)
I didn’t actually go from 2D to 3D, I just traced the imported JPG using Bézier curves. Do you mean going from 2D to 3D by extruding?

Your scrolls ARE 3D so you must have started with 2D and extruded them.

Did you import the JPG and explode it to use as a material before starting to trace?

No, I just imported it as a flat image to trace off.

So not e.g. a 3DS file.

Well, it’s simple enough to correct the face orientation. Make the back face color more noticeable in your style so it’s easier to catch.

Who said anything about 3DS?

Ok, thanks, I’ll try that.

What did you mean by exploding the JPG? How could that be possible if it’s a flat raster image?

If you import an image “as an image” it can then be exploded so it becomes a normal face with the image painted on it as a material. Images behave differently from textured faces.

No, the image was just for tracing off (It’s a 2D drawing of a gate). Maybe it’s not visible in the file I attached?