Cannot login to trimble account - verification code not arriving

Trying to login into my Trimble account and I am suddenly asked to enter a verification code.

The message:
“For your security, you will need to verify your email address. A verification code has been sent to your email. Please enter the code below to continue.”

It’s been an hour and no code. Re-sending the code has not helped. Checked spam / promotions folder, and nothing there either.


1st code arrived after more than an hour. But it says: “This code will expire in 60 minutes.” … so

I still cannot log in.
Please help!

Please reassign this topic to the Technical Problems > Warehouses category. There is then a better chance that a Trimbler is “watching” that category and will see your post sooner than later.

Done, reassigned the topic.

Just to update

I’ve received my 3rd code since trying to login, but then got: “Your login session has expired.”

So I tried now again, and actually received the code immediately! :slight_smile:

Took me 3 hours, but at least I’m logged in now.