Cannot log in to sketchup for schools


I cannot seem to log in to sketchup for schools through g suite
Using Firefox v62 with pop-up blocker turned off


Is there anyone that can help with this issue? I thought I had it handled, but not so.


@BIIS can you confirm the following:

  1. That you are logging in with a G Suite for Education account provided by your school AND
  2. That your school’s administrator has installed SketchUp for Schools from the G Suite Marketplace


I am the administrator and have installed SketchUp for Schools from G Suite Marketplace. I have turned it on for all users in our domain and granted data access.


@BIIS thanks for confirming. Please give us your school’s email domain and I’ll add you to our whitelist



Same issue here. The App is deployed in out G Suite for Education domain. The SketchUp for Schools is in the Apps launcher for users. Can you whitelist



@BIIS @VMSTechDept all set


I really appreciate your help, but I still cannot log into Sketch for Schools through my Gmail mail page. This occurs when I am using Chrome version 69.0.3497.100 and Firefox version 62.0.3. However when I try using a Microsoft product called Edge, it logs in just fine.


@BIIS Can you send a screenshot of where you are trying to launch SketchUp for Schools from? You wouldn’t typically launch SketchUp for Schools from Gmail, so I just want to understand where you’re running into issues.

What happens when you try logging in at with your Google credentials from your school’s domain (


This message appears when the page is opening (after I select SketchUp from the list on my gmail page “We encountered a problem with your web browser’s storage support. To prevent loss of data, please save your work frequently and make sure you remain connected to the internet.”

Then I see a dialog box that states “You must sign into a G Suite for Educatin Google account to continue. Make sure SketchUp is allowed to show pop-up windows. (button)Sign in with Google”

When I select Sign in with Google, I see a pop-up window that displays
Moxilla Firefox

And then nothing happens after.


Hi @BIIS please try logging in directly at with your Google credentials. Screenshots of the error messages you see are really helpful, so please include those. The link you sent is blank, so I cannot garner any helpful info there.

You mentioned this is happening in Chrome and Firefox, but working fine in Edge. Can you send the exact browser versions?


I have the same exact experience when I log directly to

Chrome version 69.0.3497.100
Firefox version 62.0.3.

Microsoft Edge version 42.17134.1.0-This one works OK


Oops. Just tried again in Chrome using the link you provided and it is working. Still not in Firefox though.


Can you whitelist us too? I have G Suite installed and allowed for all users in our domain.


@phil1 has been added to the Whitelist