Cannot detect internet connection re-installing 2016 pro

I’ve been using SU Pro 2016 happily since I purchased the licence in 2016. Unfortunately my laptop has just about died and I am trying to install it on a new windows 11 home laptop, installation went fine but I can’t get round the “It Looks like you might be offiline” error and thus enter my valid licence and activation code.
I’m on a home network, I’ve turned off windows firewall, uninstalled the Macafee protection software that came with the PC. I can access I’ve tried having chrome as a default browser and also tried Edge. I’ve changed the value in for the online check to,


I installed the SU software by running the install as Admin, I then run the SU 2016 executable as Administrator as well. I’ve also uninstalled it and then re-installed it twice now. I have also re run the installer as Administrator and performed a repair.

I’ve fired up a browser, connected to then the 3d warehouse address, works fine, then tried starting SU… nope still no internet.

But I cannot get past the no internet connection. Needless to say that its working fine for everything else and we have a good 500meg fibre service.

Just in case I’ve also tried it with my Nord VPn active… and obviously inactive.

It still works on my old windows 10 laprtop connected to the same network.

Its driving me mad…

Can anyone help at all, I paid about Euros 499 for this and then for the support the following year until the subscription model changed… but I should be able to use it still … I don’t need the newer versions for what I do. I’m so frustrated.



Well I’ve found a solution. Not to the 2016 problem but I found an old email from trimble that I had qualified for Version 2017. So uninstalled everything, cleared caches, restarted, installed 2017 as Admin, changed the Online check to restarted browser again. Fired up 2017… put the new licence info in and bingo its worked.

thank goodness for that … so I can still use my investment.

Just thought I’d post this in case someone else is in the same boat…which seems to have sunk.