Cannot copy and paste a node

I select a node and copy and then when I try to paste, what is coming up is a file not a copy of the Node

In the video I am following, when he copies and pastes, the Node is copied

What am I doing wrong

Good morning
To perform a copy-paste, you must:
Make a selection by drawing a selection rectangle with the mouse. The selected assets turn orange.
It matters where you right-click to copy:
On a node, only the selected node will be added to the clipboard.
On a connection, all nodes of the linked selection will be added to the clipboard.

A CTR C on an activated element (highlighted in green) does not add it to the clipboard. You have to use the right click copy for this to work.

In your case, maybe the last thing added to your clipboard was a file in explorer and suddenly it sticks you a File node.

Here is a small capture of the different cases.

Hi @booneyrex

As @simjoubert mentioned, copy/paste/delete are all currently bound to what we call “layout select” (the orange selection). The other selection we call “output select” (the green highlight).

We’ve made a distinction between the two as the “output select” is a bit of a special case where it indicates what node to compute (and therefore what geometry is rendered in the 3D view), and what geometry is output as a Live Component (a graph saved with an “output selected” node will use the geometry computed by that node), etc. etc.

As such we want to be sure that if we allow those kinds of actions to happen on an “output selected” node, that it does not get in the way of a graph authors workflow, and no unexpected mishaps occur.

For more in-depth information on this stuff, have a look at the “Node Interactions” tutorial in the in-app tutorial browser, under “INTRO” (the graduation cap icon in the top right hand corner).


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When I select and copy the Node this is what is in my clipboard

But when I try to use the Paste command in Trimble Creator this is what I get

But if I click in the clipboard, I get this

It seems the right-click Paste and the Paste icon with the Wrench are not working for me. At least I will be able to copy and paste using the clipboard in Windows 10

Hello verify if you are able to past in web browser parameters !

The only way I can paste is clicking on the copied item in my Windows 10 clipboard. Using the Paste icon in Trimble Creator in my web browser does not work, neither does using the Paste command in the right-click menu. I am pasting into Trimble Creator in my web browser, just using Windows 10 clipboard

Hi @booneyrex ,

I haven’t been able to reproduce your issue unfortunately. As a couple of checks:

  • What Web browser are you using? Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.
  • Sometimes a web browser can block the clipboard, thus blocking some of the copy/paste functions. Double check that this isn’t the case.
  • If you can continue to reproduce this, log an issue via the “Report an Issue”/“Submit Feedback” tab in the top right hand corner of the app. Submitting an issue through here will give us some information that we can use to properly diagnose your issue.


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I am using Edge. How do I check if Edge is blocking the clipboard? I would not think it is since I am using the actual clipboard to paste since I cannot us the paste icon in the app.

Typically it is shown as this icon in the URL bar, if there is a red ‘x’ like in the image below, then the clipboard is being blocked from the site. If there is no red ‘x’, then the issue will be something else:


Otherwise, If you go into Edge’s settings > navigate to “Cookies and site permissions” > Scroll down to “Clipboard”, you can see more of the permissions there.

There is a little bit of a difference in using the clipboard with respect to blocking/access/permissions. By using the “CTRL-C/V” directly, the site does not need access to the clipboard, it is just receiving information. Whereas with the Right-Click menu or wrench icon versions, the app is directly requesting to access information in the clipboard, then receives it. Thus if it is blocked, then it cannot read the information within the clipboard.

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I am not seeing the Paste icon anywhere on the Trimble Creator site except in the wrench menu.

The above location seems to be where your image shows it. But I do not see the Paste icon there even on other sites that I use copy and paste from.

It seems that I have the clipboard permission for Creator

Hmm, in that case - in a new window, go to the creator app, copy/paste with wrench icons (reproducing the problem) and submit an issue via the “Submit Feedback” tab in the top right hand corner of the app. By doing so I can have a look at what might be happening behind the scenes.

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When I opened a new creator today, the pasting is working just fine. But it is still not working in the graph I have been working on for the past few days. This is the first day that any graph has pasted right since I started trying to make this test graph.

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Good to hear it’s working in some capacity.
Still, when/if you run into it again (which it seems to be on that one particular graph), please submit some feedback via the “Submit feedback” tab so that we can get a closer look at what might be the problem! Without this, I cannot discern too much more than I already have.

Finally when I opened the graph I have been working on, the pasting is working fine. I have no idea why. Should I wait for it to not work before sending a feedback?

Great! But odd… don’t worry for now, if it does happen again, then submit feedback. I’ve logged it internally, so we at least have a record of it happening and can keep an eye out.

Thanks for your patience!

I just opened the graph on another computer and I got the problem with pasting a file again. I submitted the feedback