Can you make landscape from text containing the height of each square? (automatically)

Normally you can make a landscape using the smoove tool (in the sandbox toolbox). That way you need manually adjust the height of squares. However that would be too much work for me. I would rather make a text file containing numbers for the desired depth of each square or intersection, the landscape should be made automatically based on that text file.

(I can program the text file to look any way necessary, so it would be easy to change it.)

The reason for this is that I want the landscape to be very accurate, and I can describe it mathematically easily, but I don’t always know exactly how it is supposed to look.

Purpose (optional)
I want to make models representing space time curvature. (with more than one object) I also want to play around with it and see what happens. In addition I want to make similar curvature for charged particles (which would also contain hills).

You can import a CSV text file of coordinates and create a TIN with the Cloud plugin.

Cloud v8.0bxx — SketchUp Plugin by Didier Bur… recent update by @TIG

If you can describe a surface mathematically as parametric equations of the form {x,y,z} = f(u,v), you might consider using the U-V PolyGen plugin. It allows you to specify a range of U and V values along with the (Ruby syntax) equations for X, Y, and Z.

A simple video example: U-V Polygon Mesh Generator Plugin for SketchUp - YouTube