Can you ID this lovely Tag extension?

I use this extension almost daily and now that I’m (finally!) migrating to 2022, I can’t find the extension name in the extension manager list (I have MANY) or remember from where I sourced it. Does anyone recognise it?

p.s. Like you, I dream of one day having an easier migration of my many extensions from one version to the next … :thought_balloon: :thought_balloon: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :pray:

p.p.s. Yes, I know there are lots of other hidden tag creators, and I use those occasionally too, but this is the one I prefer…

Still trying to find the name/origin of this extension to ‘Add invisible tag’ .

How many?

Too many for you to disable all then go through enabling them…?

How about you go to your plugin folder and take a screenshot of the contents and upload it here?

Errr… around 130… (I clearly need to seek help for my extension addiction… :laughing:)
I hadn’t thought of disabling the not-obviously named ones - will give it a shot - thanks a mill. N