Can you display major and minor contours

Hi, I am relatively new to Sketchup and was wondering if there is a function to display major and minor contours? Thank you!


To reveal the edges which SU tends to hide automatically, you have a few choices:

  1. look at the View menu option… >View >Hidden Geometry.

  2. See… Soften/Smooth Edges Panel. . . >Windows >Soften Edges.

  3. Editing Styles can also be used to customize these options for later use, in other models.

Settings for Profile values, as well as ‘Back Edge’ settings also come into play depending upon the effect you want to have.

It’s worth playing around with these so you can get a feel for how SU handles things.

Are you after something like this?

There isn’t a direct way to do it. I divided the terrain into groups and leveraged the Profile Edges in the Styles settings to get the make the major contours appear heavier.

If you are going to do this, I would suggest making a copy of the contours to work with so you don’t have to divide the originals into separate groups. Judicious use of layers will allow you to show the contours or not depending on the need.

Another way this could be done is to select the major contour lines and copy them to the clipboard. Then make sure your contours are in a group or component. Use Edit>Paste in place to paste the major contours without faces. Group them as well.

The major contour lines would show as profile edges and thus heavier.

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Thank you! This helps!

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