Can you add cameras to pages (scenes) without

I am trying to add many pages to the scene using different cameras, is there a way to do this without having the view change to the camera coordinates then having to add a page. I do not see under the entity class for Page an option to set the camera for that page, it seems that you have to use the update method AFTER you set the view.

Thanks for reading.

When you add a scene page, it’s view (and camera,) get copied from the current scene page. Then the new page is selected (made the current page.)

You need a wait loop to test for when the new page has become the current page. (I often turn page transitions off while making scene pages.)

When ready, you then change the new page’s camera properties, and call the update() method.

Thanks for the info, when I finished the code it was not a problem, I asked sort of a pre-question. I thought that every page I added with a camera Sketchup was going to animate to that new page on the fly. It did not, I added 52 pages each with a different camera position via code and it did it in a millisecond, showing on screen only the very last page added. I thought I was going to sit there for 15 minutes while Sketchup did its wacky animation from one camera to to the next, I was please that it did not. I don’t have the Pro version so I am controlling the animation via 3ds Max, simply by moving the camera, then turning it on itself, them moving it again, etc etc, so you don’t get that ultra wide arc Sketchup does to get to the next camera area. it makes for a good walkthrough so the user can go from area to area nicely if they press the tabs in order.