How to set all pages on scenes to the same view


I have a documento with lots of scenes and I’d like to set the camera once and then be able to set all scenes to that camera view. I don’t know if I’m clear or not :smile:

I have things that change inside each scene so I want to show that and I don’t want the camera to move between scenes, but as I have lots of them (more than 50) I’d like to set it up once for all.


Are the scenes created yet ?
If no set up the “master” scene the way you wish, and update it.
Then each scene created will clone the current scene page.

In the Scene Manager, if you expand the dialog to show the properties, you’ll see a checkbox for “Camera Location”. You can uncheck this box if you have already created all the scenes.

To do this via Ruby, see the Page.update() method. You will need to iterate the Pages collection doing an update on each page.

If you have already gotten different camera locations saved in the various pages, then before the iteration, save the camera properties from the “master” scene page, and reset the view’s camera as you iterate the pages, just before updating each page.

Tip: Before iteration, set the default page transition OFF. Otherwise the camera might not set correctly, and you’d have to implement a view observer.

Sketchup.active_model.options["PageOptions"]["ShowTransition"]= false

Set it back ON afterward.

I’m creating them by code so I don’t mind if I have to start again. I will try what you say. I’ve found the “camera location” tick box inside the Scenes manager, not at Layers’ one.

I find it easy enough to update all of them manually there, so I think I will play with the best view before putting this to Ruby code.

Thanks again for this superb help!

Yes, a typo, I fixed the previous post.