Can we have the Bookmarks list in columnar form?


Posted a Feature Req, on the Discourse forum, only to be shown it’s already doable, and the way they are listed on their forum.

Can we have it this way here as well ?



Sam & Jeff showed me that columnar bookmark listing (with sort by field [via heading click],) is already built into the Discourse forum.

The reason I didn’t know is that the “Bookmarks” link on the “top tabs” has been turned off.

Can we have it turned back on, along with the “Search” link to the full page forum search, please ?

:blush: purty please with sugar on it ?


And / Or … can these two “missing links” be added to the “GoTo” menu ?




Thanks Dan for starting this conversation! I will “turn on” the “Bookmarks” link on the “top tabs”.