Hide pinned topics?

Can you hide pinned topics from the “latest” forum listing? and not see all those old topics over and over? In a similar vein I came to the Corner Bar to post, because there didn’t seem to be another place to question this, and the very top post offered is one that is locked and has been for two years-- and I find that out after reading all the way through to the bottom. This forum has some room for better management or setup.

YES. Just click the “PushPin” icon to the left of the pinned topic’s title. It will swap ends and be unpinned and henceforth appear in normal order.

“Corner Bar” is just for chit chat. The Meta category is about the forum and how it works.
(Notice that @TheOnlyAaron moved it for you?)

This forum is hosted and programmed by Discourse.org. However, things like category names and nesting are controlled by Trimble SketchUp administrators.

You’ll notice in the Meta category we’ve suggested many an improvement. But ultimately, fundamental features or changes need to be requested and discussed over at the meta.discourse.org forum.

You’ll find perhaps 3 very lengthy topic threads in the Meta category where we’ve discussed this, … and the autoclose feature was eventually supposedly switched off.

But there remains the issue of whether or how to unlock old threads. For now, we just have to ask an admin to unlock a topic thread manually. (You’ll find the admins listed on the forum’s About page.)

BTW, locked topics have a :lock: padlock icon preceding their title in any listing.

Thanks Dan. Explains a lot and the forum should be easier for me now.

Send a private message to discobot and it’ll give you a private lesson on nifty ways to use a Discourse forum.

ADD: … and you’ll earn a licensed (tutorial) badge. It is strange that only 11 ppl have earned this badge.

thanks! I just started visiting the forum more lately. Peter

It does not have to be a SketchUp admin, someone with trustlevel 4 (badge-title ‘Leader’) also has these powers.


In your forum settings you can set pinned topics to auto unpin once you have read them.

Not so much it’s a locked thread. But it was an old thread that no one has even been able to comment on for two years. Why does it come to the top of the list?