Can"t create solid


Component_1.skp (1.2 MB)


It’ll take a bit of redrawing it to fix it properly. There are a number of issues including internal geometry and circles drawn so their vertices don’t coincide. The screenshot above shows the x and y dimensions of the bounding box for a cylindrical object, those dimensions should be identical but as you can see, they aren’t.

You should draw all circles dragging their radius out on axis and for something like this, you should use the same number of sides. Also, use an even number instead of an odd one for the number of sides.

It would be a good idea to draw this at a larger scale and resize afterward.

I’ll try to fix it for you but I would want to know what the actual radius of the various circles are supposed to be. Do you have some sort of dimensioned drawing you were working from to make this model?


I took a look at this last night. The good news is that the tough part (the screw threads) are solid! The interior is a mess though. Like @DaveR mentioned, much of the geometry is off center, making it difficult to clean up any way other than hand stitching the interior. You may want to re model from the threads down.

I would recommend that you grab a couple of extensions to help you, though. I used both CleanUp3 and Solid Inspector2.

Also, you need to place all the geometry into a group before it can be considered a solid (sort of a Step #1 in the fixing process).

Good luck!!