Can Sketchup open a bimx file?


I have been sent a bimx file of house. Is there a way to open this file in sketchup? Or a plugin to convert?

Or do I need to request this file in a different format from architect?

Hyper models can be viewed with the viewer from ArchiCad:

If you want to do something in SketchUp, ask for an .ifc.

I asked for .ifc but seems to crash sketchup…
The architect has sent all these files not sure how to open the 3d model?

Did you extract it, first?
ZIP files need to be extracted before importing. The latest release of SketchUp has improved IFC import and preserves the data that is attached to the objects.
It will require some more understanding and digging in the structure of an IFC file, though:

When uploaded the IFC to Trimble Connect and then importing the downloaded trimbim, theresults are a bit different, the hiearchy is flattened but the organization is tagged:

Allthough the data of the original Ifc is not visible in the Dynamic Component Options dialog as with the direct ifc import, it is retained as a dictionary on the instance, which can be viewed with a attribute extension:

ARCHIS_Import_TRB.skp (7,0 MB)

Link to ifc import:


Thanks Mike!
I’m using 2020
Any chance you could export this version for me? :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:
Sketchup keeps crashing when I try and import IFC

Sure, here you go:

Thank you! Very kind to spend the time :pray:t3:
Have a great day!