Can Sketchup Free export fbx files?

Hi all,

On the Sketchup Pricing page ( 3D Modeling Software Pricing | 3D Design Program Cost | SketchUp ), in the Sketchup Free column there is an Interoperability row. In the Interoperability > Free row is says Basic (with a small i).

When you move your mouse over the i it says Supported File Types.

FBX is listed as one of the Supported File Types. Yet when using Sketchup Free and choosing export there is a padlock and an upgrade button.

Can Sketchup Free Online export FBX files?


No. It can’t. It appears that someone needs to fix the web page because it shows the export options for SketchUp Shop under SketchUp Free. @Barry?

Yea, probably shouldn’t… I’ve sent emails internally.

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