Sketchup Free - Cannot Export

Hi, I have been using Sketchup Free for about 20 days now or so. Today I noticed it will NOT allow me to export as a Collada (or anything else) anymore. It keeps giving me a screen forcing me to Upgrade.

Does the Free version have an expiration date?

Thank you.


No. But when you first started using it you were given a 30-day trial period of SketchUp Go which has more export options and other tools than the free version. Sounds like you’ve passed the 30-day trial.

So there is an expiration date as it relates to exporting your file to any type. Wow. Ok. Thank you Dave.


Well, there are a few types of export options available with SketchUp Free. More with SketchUp Go. You were given a 30-day trial of SketchUp Go so you had access to those additional capabilities. There is no expiration of SketchUp Free, though.

If you still need the Collada export option you can purchase a subscription to SketchUp Go.

How are you using the Collada files, anyway?

No that is actually incorrect information. There are no export options whatsoever after the noted 30 day period. There is however the ability to save only as a skf? I believe file which is worthless. But thank you for your help.

Actually it is correct.

You can download .skp (the native SketchUp model file) as well as .stl and .png files.

This is clearly indicated on the website.

And from here:

Sketchup free is a hobbyist version, it’s used mainly for hobby modeling and 3D printing, if you need more options you need to get a Go or Pro license.

There are also other softwares like blender that allows you to export to collada and other files for free.

Hurts to be wrong little buddy. But you are wrong! There is absolutely no “EXPORTING” method available. Period. Yes there is a downloadable version (or versions) as I stated and you later mentioned. But the difference in being able to use the export version versus the download version is night and day. As you seem confused already I’m not going to bother trying to explain this to you.

On to Blender. I’m out of here…


Thank you.

Export Download. What’s the difference.

I’m not your little buddy.

Good bye.

If you’ve already modelled something in Sketchup you can always download the SKP file and import it into Blender - you’ll have to find an addon/plugin for Blender to do that though. It’s available online, a quick google should find it.

Then you can export from Blender to whatever formats that software allows, totally free.

Late to the show but you could always post the model to the 3D Warehouse and download it from there as a Collada file. You can leave the model private if you don’t want actually to share it.