Can one paste into sketchup from another window app?

I am trying sketchup 15.3. I wanted to paste an image into my open sketchup document from another window up (using the window clipboard). i.e. standard copy/paste mechanism.
But when I am in sketchup, I am not able to paste into the drawing. The edit->paste is not even highlighted. And Ctrl-V does nothing.

Can one paste into sketchup drawing from other apps?

It may be better to import the image into SketchUp rather than attempting to paste it in. First save the image file to an accessible location and then:
Go to File → Import.

That should produce the desired result.

Thank you, but this method will not work for me. I’d like to copy/paste lots of small items all the time from another app. These are not 1 or 2 large images, but small items, which I have to use the other app for. So it is not practical to keep saving these into files and importing them. Too slow. With Visio I can copy/paste directly in the drawing. Much easier and faster.

You can simply drag/drop some supported 2D image files directly into the SketchUp model space.

Geo, it is interesting that drag-n-drop works but cut-n-paste does not! Valuable to know…

TIG’s plugin … Import ALL from Folder … also saves a lot time.