Can one change the image size of the Sc'rapbook window?

I created a electrical symbol scrapbook for 1/4" scale plans, the previews in the scrapbook window are so small that the smaller symbols are indistinguishable fro one another, is their a way to zoom in or set it up so that the preview is larger.

Thanks, Mike.

If you make the tray wider, the symbols will appear larger. Or you could remake the scrapbook using fewer columns of symbols.

Some folks place commonly use symbols and other entities in the gray space outside of the paper. They can make them as large as they want and the copy and drag them into place in the paper space. The entities become part of the template so they show every time the template is used.

If you have commonly used line styles or text sizes, you can put samples of them outside the paper space, too. then you can sample them when you want to use them.

Thnaks, Dave.
Still kinda small, but I like your work around solutions.

How large were the icons on the page when you made the scrapbook? You could remake the scrapbook starting with a paper size that is only large enough for the number of icons you want in a column. That would also help to make them appear larger.

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