Can not create group

trying to create a group. it wont do it, followed all the instructions (i think?) it wont do it, can someone tell me what i am doing wrong, please.

What exactly are you doing when you try to create the group?

Is this iin SketchUp 2018 as indicated in your forum profile?

the image is the same almost as a 3d pyramid

i guess so

What image?

Share your SketchUp model so we can see what you are working with.

I guess so what?

clicking a box around all the image, right clicking ,clicking create group… it has worked in older drwaings. but not now?

Again, share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with.

extruded shape.skp (5.7 KB)

There’s nothing in that SketchUp file. It’s opened as a 2015 file so presumably you’re not even using 2018 Pro.

i am trying to create a geodesic dome

i should be… i paid for it. where does it show the version?

Go to Help>About SketchUp.

When I open your file:
Screenshot - 8_9_2023 , 7_41_33 PM

Again, there’s absolutely nothing in the file you uploaded.

usion 360 2.0.16761 x86_64
Active Plan: Subscription
Windows 11 Home 22H2 (22621.1992)

That doesn’t say anything about the SketchUp version.

doing a update

I might regret asking this. What are you updating?

sorry i am a idiot… i am doing this in fusion 360… wrong forum, sorry for wasting yr time

But you shared a sketchup file, did you exported it before sharing it, if so how couldn’t you notice you were using a different software?


Always entertaining to read some of these questions and stream of consciousness replies from various OPs.