Unable to "group"

I apologize, as a new user I am attempting to follow the quick start tourturial. When I attempt to “group” my object I get a message: “one or more of the objects is not a solid or locked”

You should share your .skp file with us. That’ll make it much easier to give you the exact answer.

Thanks Dave… I’m a newbie… what do I do to share the .skp file?

If you are using the web based version of SketchUp as your profile implies, first download it to your computer. Then drag and drop the file into a reply here. If the file is too large to upload here, upload it to Drop Box or Google Drive and share the link.

lesson1.skp (112.8 KB)

Thanks Dave for your patience!

OK. So all I see is the roof for the playground structure. Is that correct? Are you working in SketchUp Shop (in your Internet browser)?

If you select all of the geometry and right click on it you should find an option to Make Group.

There’s nothing locked in your model. The message you indicate sounds like it’s coming from one of the Solid Tools although there is nothing for the Solid Tools to do in your model. Maybe you could show a screen shot of what you are clicking on to make the group.

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When I right click I get the “Group” option but I get the not a “solid” error message

Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 10.53.44 AM

Yes, I am working in SketchUP Shop on my Safari Browser. I do The triple click to select all then to get the object options and when I select group, nothing happens

That’s not the Group button. There is no button for creating a group.

That’s for Outer Shell. Select the geometry, right click on it, and choose Make Group.
Screenshot - 4_21_2021 , 11_15_13 AM

Outer Shell is used to combine several solid groups or components into one.

Screenshot - 4_21_2021 , 11_15_13 AM

Yes, that’s the dropdown I get when I right click… and when I select “Group” nothing happenes. (I just could not include the dropdown in my screenshot)

So you have all of the geometry selected, you right click on it and choose Make Group and nothing happens? What browser are you using?

Yes, I use the arrow tool and “triple click” it shows all the objects selected. I’m Using Mac OS Mojave Ver 14.0.3…

I don’t get the solid “Blue line” showing that its a group…

What browser, though?

Are you right clicking on the selected geometry? Or do you see something like this?

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