Can I turn off the "Sketchup" name before downloading from web?

When downloading from Sketchup for Web and then displaying them in Sketchp Make 2017, there is always a very large Sketchup word in the upper right. I always end up having to erase this when I screen capture the various parts of my model. Is there any way to turn that word off?

When opened in Make you will find it is on a layer that can be turned off, or just delete it.
That may be wrong, I might be thinking of a few extensions that do similar.
It’s probably a watermark, so you need to go to the style menu and delete the watermark.

Box is correct, it’s a watermark. The easiest way to turn it off is to go to the styles window of 2017 Make and pick another style, the Default folder has plenty of others. If you really want the exact same style without the watermark then edit that style, in the watermark section, delete that watermark and update the style.

Thanks so much for your help, and I apologize for not figuring out the answer for myself!


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No one should apologize for asking well formed honest questions. Glad you got it sorted, and now you are introduced to the wonderful world of styles.

Thank you to Box and endlessfix! I appreciate your help. I should have been able to figure the answer out on my own (maybe next time?). Thanks again.

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