Cant get the mysketchup logo out of sketchup make when downloading a file edited in my sketchup

I created my model in sketchup make originally. I then found out about my sketchup and decided to try uploading it so i could work on it away from home.

I did this and everything was fine, however i then save over my updated model when i got home, and when i opened it up in sketchup make, all my changes were there but the logo in the top right from the web version of mysketchup is in my model when i load it in sketchup make now and i can’t get it out. someone please help!!

Change the style to one without a watermark. Or edit the existing style to remove the watermark.

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Took me a while to find (am still learning the software) but THANK YOU!

Sorry. If I’d known you were new to SketchUp altogether, I’d have given directions for editing the style.

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