How to remove SketchUp logo in SketchUp Free?

How do I get rid of the SketchUp logo in SketchUp Free? It is intrusive when trying to work. I can’t select it, and there is no Edit under Styles to remove a watermark. I’m not sure that it’s even part of the model…

Opening an identical model created in Desktop Make 2017 in SketchUp Free still displays the logo…

The logo is a watermark in the style. Select a different style in the Make that doesn’t display the watermark. You can upload it back to work on it in SketchUp Free after that.

I tried that. The logo still appears in the browser view. It appears to be some type of frame overlay, and not part of the model. It is large and intrusive in the view.

Did you save the file and upload it back to Trimble Connect to open it in SU Free? Before saving it, purge the unused styles from the file to get rid of the watermarked style. It will probably get watermarked again, though.

Keep in mind the watermark is at most a very tiny inconvenience for having SketchUp for free.

I don’t really think it takes up that much space.

That’s your opinion. It is not mine. It is an unwanted distraction. I see it as a “cripple feature” added as an inconvenience to compel license sales for Pro (as is not updating Make past 2017). It is an old practice, getting more popular for these “subscription” sales models (which SketchUp has become).

Never mind. Since it is not part of the model, and I cannot edit a SketchUp Free style, I’ll just stick to 2017 Make on my desktop for working.

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Which style do you recommend? I can’t find any without the watermark… but I have not gone through all hundred or so.

As long as you are working in SketchUp Free, you’ll get the watermark. Even if you open a file created on your desktop installation, opening it in SketchUp Free will add the watermark. If you don’t want it, use SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Make instead.

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Once downloaded onto your desktop version you can change to any style and the watermark is gone or edit the watermark out of the downloaded style.
However, as @DaveR points out, if you upload it back to the web version the Watermark will reappear.

just keep the tray open and you never see it…

watermarking ‘Free’ versions of software is a common and valid practice…



Not when the software was totally free to begin with. I figured that the Trimble sale would screw it up.

Make 2017 it is…

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