Can I save my toolbars

I need to reinstall SUp again, before I do I’d like to be able to save my custom toolbars, so I don’t have to recreate them, is there a way to do this?

No. Unfortunately not. When I have to install a new version of SketchUp or install it on another machine, I make a screen shot of the existing installation and import that as an image in the new install. At least that way I can get the toolbars back in the same locations as I’m used to.

Why do you have to reinstall in SketchUp?

Yeah, I already anticipated the answer and did make a screen shot, just hoping.

One of my older models seems to have messed up SUp like it was before, i.e., new instance of SUp requires 9 seconds to create a component, I think I’ll stay away from those older models.