Can I markup pdf's in sketchup or layout or somewhere in trimble other than having to subscribe to adobe?

Hello. Rather than subscribe to Adobe i’d like to be able to edit and markup my pdfs with engineers and clients in Trimble suite. Is this possible? thanks

Are you still using SketchUp and LayOut on Mac as your profile shows? What version of SketchUp? Please update and complete your forum profile.

If on Mac you can insert a PDF into LayOut but it comes in as an image.

I don’t know if Trimble has an option. Opening PDF files is not supported in LayOut. Bluebeam is what many large design and engineering firms use. PDF Xchange Editor is a low-cost option.

Sounds like Trimble is not there yet.
It would be nice to do all markups and comms in house.
Maybe some day.

If you’re making your documentation in SketchUp and LayOut then you can do your markup in LayOut, too.

Please update your forum profile.

Adobe is not the only game in town. There are many others, I use Foxit PDF.

With a subscription to SketchUp (Go,Pro and Studio) you get a Business plan with Trimble Connect, which has a 2D Viewer besides the 3D model viewer. You can annotate and mark up any kind of PDF or image:
2D Viewer

The annotations are kept in the cloud in the View, and can be shared with other team members.

2D ViewerView

Clicking on a View Tile (thumbnail) will load the right document and load the annotations made:

2D ViewerViews

Once callibrated, one can take measurements, Area and perimeters:
for instance this is an A0, scale 1:50:


After callibration, one can take off area’s:


All within the Trimble Suite:)


For a free option, you can use Microsoft’s Edge.

This actually works fairly well with a Wacom tablet if you have one.

I’m on a PC, not sure if the Mac version includes the same capability or not, but it might be worth a try.

on mac, the standard images + pdf app (preview) has similar markup tools yeah.
like you say, with a tablet it’s ok, by mouse it’s rough :sweat_smile:

Yeah one could do that as well.


A great advantage of using ‘project’ software like Trimble Connect is that one has access to all the views in the project itself and have an oversight.
In the activity monitor, one can easily filter for it as well.


I do my markups in layout but once i send my layout to clients or engineers as a pdf, i can’t open it in layout or anything trimble and respond directly to the pdf.
I will update my forum profile when i’m not working. Thanks

Now we are getting somewhere. Thank you! Where is this app within Trimble? I have a Sketchup pro licence. Thank you!

The Business plan for Trimble Connect comes with a subscription license and is web-based, allthough there is also a Desktop App, which is more for 3D models.

One always has one project for free with 5 team members and a 10Gb storage, btw.
Views like this can only be shared with team members, but one can alway download the PDF with annotations:


UO.610 Begane grond plafondafwerkingen.pdf (467,9 KB)