Can I have an Object/Material ID without V Ray? Is there a plug-in or work around?


I’m creating some internal architectural visuals and am used to using Material or Object IDs with V Ray to help with photoshopping. However, I don’t currently have access to V Ray, just SketchUp 2022. Are there any plug ins or recommended settings I can use to get a similar result that’s quick that I can export using 2D export?

I basically would like an automatic colouring of objects for speed so I don’t have have to manually polygon tool everything in photoshop.

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Color by Tag

Fabulous, thank you!

^^ If your Ps chops are good this is the way.

You can also set your background sky / land to green screen colors to help separate things if needed.

Are you exporting out of SU or LO? You might also have luck exporting from LO and controlling which layers are on and off, on multiple sheets. I have done this with a border, export to PNG and then open all in Ps as layers to create masks, etc. - then crop out or erase the border as needed.