Can i draw compound curves?


I’m trying to draw a hunting knife blade


It’s not clear what kind of a response you’re looking for. You don’t seem to have put much thought into posing your question. You come here asking a yes or no question, but it’s hard to believe that a yes or no is all you’re after.

The answer is yes, you can model compound curves, but that could refer to a beach ball as well as to a knife blade, which really aren’t the same thing at all.

If you want a more complete answer, like how to go about modeling a hunting knife blade, you need to provide enough information to allow someone to give you a response without guessing what you’re actually up to. For that, we would need a detailed, objective description of the geometry of the knife blade in question, or better yet, a picture of the thing.

A good way to pose your question would have been, “Please advise on how to model this hunting knife:” followed by a link to an image on the internet.