Help me draw a model!


Hey Guys,

I am a CNC student looking to engrave a knife I bought, I have CAM software with which to write a program but I wanted to use sketchup to make the 3D model of the knife, but heres the problem, I don’t really know enough about sketchup to complete the model in such a way that it would be accurate.

it is a cold steel shanghai shadow.

HELP! :slight_smile: thanks.


When you say, “help,” you appear to be saying “do it for me.” Is that your request?



Try the 3D warehouse or, you can find and download a model of a knife there.


No no, I’m just having trouble drawing the blade.

Ryn Shuster


Please tell me you’re not some loon obsessed with weapons.

Try this:



Haha gully I love weapons, the history and lore that surrounds them but this is much more an art project than anything and a test of my skills as a machinist and programmer.

Ryn Shuster