Pull an arc face

brand new helplessly clueless user, weaned on pencil and drafting bd in HS “100” yrs ago, did pretty good then at mech ortho/perspective at that time! Lousy at the paradigm shift to CAD/Sketchup!

Have a pet project to improve a failing design on some equipment I use. Checked with subj matter expert colleagues like myself, they are interested in seeing my innovation/revision. Can’t make it happen in CAD, too many arcs for a beginner.

Trying to pull an arc face so the convex end face has a bevel cut, kinda like a knife blade, the length of the arc. Kinda like trying to draw an Arabian Sabre sword blade. Whoo-ee, is that hard for me!! Trying to find out how to join the end faces over the length of the arc, then slice/remove the extra leaving the bevel face intact, replacing one of the flat faces/pulled face.


Thanks any,


Many threads for same subject.

Hey tfstix,
(I’m repeating the PM I sent to you earlier to prompt additional responses from other users)

Welcome to the Forum. You should post this request in a new topic with a title that indicates your need. This way people can be easily directed to your request and you will be more likely to get meaningful responses. Your post is in a section where users can introduce themselves to the user community, but most users do not read that section every time they log in so you may not get the attention of those who can actually provide clear instruction.

That being said, I chose to send this to you as a Private Message rather to add more to the Welcome thread. I found several models in the 3D Warehouse that may offer some guidance as to how to construct such a blade.

Here are links to three different but somewhat related models:

As a resource, you can download and review these and possibly become a bit more familiar with how another modeler approaches the effort. Just remember to credit the authors of these models if you decide to include them in a commercial project or if your effort becomes published.

Good luck and I’m sure you will have fun learning how to master this software,