Knife Blade Curved Surface

Knife Blade.skp (257.9 KB)
I’m trying to draw a knife blade, with a curved profile and a curved ground surface. See uploaded model. The only way I could get the curved surface was to “Stitch It” - way to many surfaces. And the edges show through even when hidden.
Is there a better way to achieve the results that I’m looking for.

You can use a section cut to take a look in your blade, there you will se a lot of inner faces…

Thank you for your reply. By erasing all that inside “crab” the model looks much better. However, I’ll ask again, is there a better way to achieve the same results?

Attached is how I would do it Knife Blade.skp (339.2 KB)
I don’t know how you did it, but I use groups and flat surfaces/planes to r-click and “intersect faces with model”. I then use [ctrl] and the [eraser] to smooth the cut edges.
For something with this much symmetry I would draw it on the flat, change the group into a component, copy it and scale it by -1 (mirror it). If I wanted a more slender blade, I would just use the scale tool again on one half of the blade (Actually I would probably be tempted to draw it at twice the thickness it should be, then scale it down after I had the blade shapes.)

You can automate the stitching part with Fredos plugin Curviloft


I think that is the way I got the blade profile. Thanks for your response