Can i do more than 30 time undo

can i do more than 40 time undo please fast help i want to restore my work i deleted something by mistake and i want to restore it i undo the work but its stop because i do more than 40 undo pleaseeee help

I’m afraid you’ve already answered your own question.
It is not clear from your profile - what version of SU and what operating system you are using…

In the desktop version, as I recall, you can go back up to 100 steps. I assume, the limit of 40 - you mentioned you reach, was in a web version.

I had a bit of time and was bored - I made 135 copies of a component in the web version and then hit the undo function. I can confirm that on 3 separate occasions the undo function worked 100 times before stopping, therefore I conclude that you may have done a save or something similar after you accidentally deleted it. I believe that unless you have a backup somewhere your work has been lost. However there are people here much more knowledgeable than I that may have different ideas and a possible work around.

It used to be 100. We increased that a while ago, and the limit is higher in the desktop version now. I don’t think we stated what it was increased to. I proposed we have a competition for people to figure out what the new limit was. It wasn’t any easy change for me to verify!

Meanwhile, the web version doesn’t have that change yet, and appears to still be 100. At some point the change will go into the web version as well.

I seem to remember a setting in a preference file?

From home:

  1. Go to your file
  2. from the 3 dots menu (overflow) image
  3. Select History
  4. Notice the Revision History and select the correct version of your file.
    From App Settings, I recommend Auto-Save to be on