Can I create a custom template for my office?

Hey community!

I am looking to create a custom template for everyone at my office to use. Ideally I could purge the default materials (and categories) and replace them with materials and categories of my choosing. I’ve had no success removing the default categories from the pull-down and while I did upload my own collection, non of the jpegs are showing up. It would also be great to load office approved components for people to use. Lastly, it would be great if this template could live on our server, but I didn’t see how to change where these template files get saved.
All a pipe dream, or is this possible?
Thank you very much in advance.

You can create a custom template however things like materials are not template items. You can create your own custom collections of materials and components if you want and distribute those along with the custom template to your staff to add to their SketchUp installations.

As for the natively included materials and components, they could be deleted from the installations but if someone needs to do a repair of the installation or when they update to the next version, those items will be back. Rather than trying to manage that on a bunch of different computers, it probably makes more sense to train your staff to use materials and components from your firm’s collections instead of the native ones.

FWIW, if you have a set of custom styles you want them to use, you can also create a collection of those.

Thank you, DaveR. That’s what I figured. You think it would be easy to train people to use the software the way you’d like it to be used, but alas, that has proved difficult. I was hoping for the easy way out.

Understood. Sometimes training seems more difficult than it should be although I think in the end that’s really a better route than trying to make everything dummy-proof. If you go the dummy-proof route then they can’t fend for themselves when they need to.


also check this:

Ooh, thanks Mike!