Set up a company template

Hi, I need to set up a template for a company with all materials and components that they use on their projects loaded so everyone has access. I even couldn’t “save as” those materials as thumbnail to create their collection. Can someone help me? Thanks.

I’m using sketchup pro 2019 Mac.

I doubt you want to include materials and components in the template as that would unnecessarily bloat every model file and the user could purge all of those materials and components from the template and lose them. Instead you should make materials and components collections and provide them to the users to save as a local collection that they have access to on their computers. The template can be a standard thing with a certain starting camera position, style and units of measurement but it shouldn’t contain any materials or components.

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Thanks, I thought the same thing. They were insisting so I decided to ask:).
But I can’t save my materials to create a library, do you have any idea why?

I’d have to guess you’re doing it wrong.

Collect the materials into an In Model collection and (doing this from memory because I haven’t got a Mac handy) set the Colors window to In Model. Click on the Edit tab ind in the right hand drop down, choose New. Then give the collection a name. This will generate a folder in the User/Library/Application Support/Sketchup folder. You’ll have to dig a little deeper in for it but it should be there. That folder can then be distributed and added to the same location on the user’s computer.

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I’ve done this for reasonable sized ‘typical’ models for clients. I also do this when I teach, so everyone has the same starting file.

Build a model with everything you want in it (components, layers, materials, etc.).
Set up styles and scenes as needed.
Delete all the modelling components from view, but do not purge the model from Model Info.
Save as Template to a server, DropBox, etc. that everyone can access.

Dave is right that this could bloat down every model they create going forward - so you have to use your judgment. If I were building a system for a client with hundreds of components (an example might be an interior design firm with hundreds of different pieces of furniture) - I would build a component library that is accessible via server or shared file system, and I would build a template only with layers, styles, scenes, etc…

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Thank you, that was what I was thinking.

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FWIW, you could make a package that contains your standard SketchUp template, the standard materials (maybe sorted into sub folders by category), and standard components (also sorted into categories) that the users can install locally so they can access them even if the network is down.

While thinking about all this stuff, it would be best practice if the users are saving their files locally and only syncing to network locations if you are collecting the files in a common location.

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Better use ‘Duplicate’ and rename, otherwise you’ll end up with an empty list (or folder in the ~/library/application Support/SketchUp 2019/SketchUp/Materials folder)

That folder cannot hold ‘nested’ folders (ie. Wood->Veneer) The lists in the SketchUp materials are ‘flat’.
Folders with SKM’s added to this user-folder will add them as lists in the material panel

Adding a different folder in [menu]SketchUp->Preferences->Files will add the lists containing that folder, along with the standard set and the ones of the ~/ (user) path. So basically there are three possible locations where you can add lists…

Editing these lists/folders (like swapping SKM to other lists/folders or renaming them) will only reflect upon closing and opening SketchUp.

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As I said, from memory and awhile since I looked at it. Duplicate is correct.

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