Can I Covert Geometry to an Image

I import construction floor plans from pdf, converting it to geometry. I use this geometry to trace the necessary shapes I need, then hide the plans after I’m done. The problem is, importing the plans as geometry bloats the file and makes it extremely slow and sluggish.

I am looking for a way to convert them to an image after tracing, or drastically reduce the geometry, which isn’t easy to do manually.

I’m aware I can import them as an image to begin with, but would prefer to import the geometry for ease of tracing and increased accuracy.

There isn’t a way to create geometry to an mage within SketchUp. You could delete the imported geometry and replace it with an image import if you want but once the imported geometry has served its purpose asa reference, why don’t you just delete it and clean up the model? No point in keeping it in the model file after you’ve finished tracing it or otherwise creating your 3D model.

I would prefer to not have to go back and reimport the drawings as an image, especially as there are often 20+ sets of drawings and it would take up too much time.

The drawings have to remain in the file for general procedure and so people using the models later down the line can check details, regarding internals and such.

Well, you still can’t convert the edges and faces in SketchUp into an image. If you must have that reference and your computer is acting sluggish with all of that stuff, I would suggest looking for ways to streamline your models to keep performance up. I’d bet my lunch money that there are options for improving your models.

Leaving the vectored plans on there own Layer/Tag and turning them off when you’re done does contribute to the file size on disk, but I don’t think it slows down working on the file while they’re turned off. If you want to remove them, but have insurance in case you want them back some time in the future, cut them from the main file, open a new blank one, paste in place and save that file in a folder of such spare parts. If you ever need it back, just copy it back with paste in place.


Using FredoPortrait will generate a face with a texture of the plan and four edges


Perfect, Thank you!