Can I add a SketchUp Group without changing existing Scenes

Hi Guys.

Sorry for the confusing post title, but this is my problem. I often create a set of drawings in Layout from a single SketchUp model that usually include 50-100 scenes and sometimes more.

Some of those scenes are simply sections views which I usually create using the ‘Create View from Slice’ command.

I always try to finish the model and create all of my ‘Create View from Slice’ groups before I setup my scenes.

A few times lately a client has asked for another section view after receiving his drawings.

I then have to create a new scene in SketchUp using a new ‘Create View from Slice’ group which then appears in any scene previously create where its visible.

I then have to go through every previous scene - check if the new group appears - hide the group and update the scene before including the new scene in the Layout document.

This can be pretty time consuming and I just wonder if theres an easier way.

As I type this I realise the fact I use Outliner to control visibility may not go down well - but I have never needed Tags.



There is no such command. There is “create group from slice” that creates a string of edges at the section plane but that has nothing to do with views. You don’t have to create the group. Just make a scene with your section cut active.

Yes - sorry I meant ‘Create Group from Slice’ :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I create tons of Scenes from the resulting Groups.

I don’t think that gives the pure section cut I am looking for. I want the section only and not the geometry behind the section.

If you create the new scene before making the new section and use Auto Invisible Layer, you can make sure what you see in that scene is unique.

Thanks Simon.

I will have a look at that plugin?

Being a lazy person, I would take all the section slices, place them side by side somewhere outside the actual model area and save a single scene that shows them all. Then, in LayOut, I would make a single view showing the scene, and then make copies of it and crop it to show just one section per copy.

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Thanks - I hadn’t spotted that thread.

So it seems from the video, the process of updating scenes where tags are used to control visibilty, is pretty much the same as using the outliner to hide groups then update each scene.

I guess there is no simple solution.

I hate being a perfectionist, but I just cannot bring myself to do that :grinning:

The trick is that you can update the visibility of the tag (or in your
case - use component on outliner) on a selected scenes without needing to go one by one each scene. You have to select the scenes where you want to hide and update at once… check again the animation… :slight_smile:

I was wrong, I retract my previous post. My method really doesn’t go the way with outliner it does with Tags… :blush:

Eneroth Scene Visibility | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

Will give an easier way to set group/components/top level geometries visibility on a per scene basis.

Thank you dezmo, that is brilliant!

I’ve now installed ‘Eneroth Scene Visibility’ which does exactly what I need.

The developer offers the extension for free which is very kind, so Ive contacted them to make a donation, Ive also asked if there is a way to ‘select all’ scenes through the extension rather than ticking each one individually.

Thanks again for your help :+1:

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You are welcome!

She does have plenty of other extensions :
[SketchUp Extension Warehouse]Eneroth3 extensions
:thinking: Perhaps it’s worth a look and support she by buying a paid extension…

Good idea - will do :+1:

BTW. :bulb:
I just found this (did not tried), but perhaps even better fits for your needs:
Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse: view-parts