Can export dimensions by 2d graphic?

Hi there~

Can I export dimensions with 2D graphic(DWG)?
I thought there is no way to export dimension by 2d graphic.
However someone said he could do that 2016 pro version of sketchup.

Is there any way to do that?

Thanks in advance!

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In Pro…
A 2d DWG is a simplistic thing, including just basic geometry - with reduced layering and so on.
A 3d DWG keeps much more of the SKP’s details - it has extra Options - like Faces, Edges, Construction Geometry [Guides], Dimensions, Text and Materials [note that Materials was added in v2019] - see below…

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The initial version of SketchUp 2019 had a problem exporting text. The update from three weeks ago fixed that. One thing to note, SketchUp doesn’t import DWG text, so you can’t use SketchUp itself to test whether the export worked.

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Dear TIG,

I mean it is 2D graphic not 3D.

The man who i talked about said he could export dimension with 2D graphic in sketchup 2016 not 3D graphic.
However he could not export dimension in sketchup 2018 pro.

I checked the file that exported from sketchup 2016 with dimension on his side. I don’t know exactly that was exported from sketchup 2016 or not, but he said like that.

Dear colin,

He is using sketchup 2018 pro, not 2019.
Is Sketchup 2018 same as SketchUp 2019 that had a problem exporting text?

I know SketchUp cannot import dimension from DWG.
However exporting also has a problem?
He said he could export dimension with 2D graphic from SketchUp 2016.

I think that the text export was ok in 2018, then not in the initial 2019, then ok in the update. There were other export fixes too, but I’m not sure if those were also wrong in 2018.

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Hi colin,

He cannot do that actually… there are no options for dimension or sth like that.
So should I notice him we cannot export dimension with 2D graphic at all, right?

Thank you so much anyway.

Hi @sjlee There’s a bit of a workaround that allows you to export 2D DWG files with dimensions. Start by rotating your model so the view you want is facing up. Then use Enertoh Flatten to Plane extension to flatten your 3D model (If it’s really complex then you may need to simplify first). Then you can export as ‘3D Model’ and choose DWG/DWX option. Then you will have 2D CAD lines with dimensions.

See screenshots of process in SU and then result in CAD:

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Another method is to cut a section through the model you want to export. When you do that, it gives you the option to ‘Create a group from [section] slice’. This group is 2D only. Then move it over or copy it to a new file, add dimensions, and export as 3D again. Note these screenshots are from SU Pro 2018


Dear eric-s,

I will recommand this solution to my customer.

Thank you so much.

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Glad to help!

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