Can Copies be modified (hidden, drop-down, etc.) permanently?

I’ve looked and haven’t found a definitive discussion, and I’m out of things to try, so I really need a hard answer/direction…

I love SU’s DC’s for all of the semi-custom fun they can do. And I’m learning to carry that from design into reporting and manufacturing. I’ve hit a snag, though, with copies. My original (Copy 0) and each of it’s copies (in this case, a variable number of shelves depending on the model’s height) is one of several configurations, fully selected by the user. I’ve given each shelf Dynamic Options (drop-downs) that can be changed or hidden when clicked into. This is great until a change is made elsewhere in the model, resetting ALL copies to the original.

I have tried everything I know to work around this. Any and all sage wisdom/discussion is appreciated.

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