Copies behavior in Dynamic Components -- modify last copy

I have been working on building out a relatively complex dynamic component. One of the subcomponents is a repeated element (wood panel consisting of boards @ 3.5" tall with 1/8" spacing). I have it working so that, when I change the overall dimensions of the object, the wood panel creates the appropriate number of copies to fill the space.

Unfortunately, Not every dimensional configuration is going to result in the panel have full width boards all the way – very often, the last board needs to be reduced (i.e. ripped down on a table saw to make fit).

How do I represent this in SketchUp? Is there a method to modify the last copy of a subcomponent?

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Discussed recently in topic …

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You can modify any copy, in the case if it is the last, then use copy = copies as a condition.
lenx =if(copy=copies, remainder, 3.5)

for all, you would could use
LenX = current("value" & copy)
where value0 up to valueN, are attributes that covers the range of copies,

Then you may consider further conditional statements to limit the range or pick on the middle board or whatsoever.

However the solutions are as varied as the problems
consider this matrix solution


Thanks @DanRathbun and @pcmoor!