Can anyone help me fix my project?

Hi. I’m having some trouble with designing a project.

Basically the final result needs to be an air intake system that I can build into a front bumper of my car.

Now onto the issue. The problem that I’m having is that the hose connector that should lead to the airbox isn’t positioned correctly. I’ve tried a couple of ways to reposition it but it doesn’t really want to work. Im probably missing an obvious step to make this 50 times easier, but I’m just a beginner.

Could anyone maybe help me with my issue?

Attached are 2 files. One file I already submitted once and one kind gentleman helped to make it waterproof according to Cura. The other one is what I made and currently trying to adjust.

Basically it should look like this:

But I get this weird stuff:

It probably looks like a mess but I’m still learning

This is the project that I made (and gives those weird shapes):
Test intake with moved connector pipe.skp (674.5 KB)

This is the project that I made before moving that connector pipe:
Test intake.skp (612.8 KB)

And this is the project that a kind forum user made for me:
Test intake.skp (207.8 KB)

If anyone could fix this for me or give me an detailed tutorial on how to fix this I would be very grateful. Best option would be an option that lets me move that connector freely if I ever need to make some adjustments.

This is going to be 3d printed aswell, so I hope that could still be possible

Thanks in advance!

You can use curviloft plugin, after dividing the lines…