Can a face be preserved if one has to remove an edge cutting across it?

Can a push-pulled volume, say a roof assembly without interior detail, be preserved if there is a mistaken edge cutting across it? In this instance, the edge line cuts across a skylight opening. (I’m not including the file; I went back to square one and mad a ne one.) Is there a techmique for this or is back-to-square-one it?

If the surface is in a single plane you should be able to delete the edge. But if not, the surface is really more than one face and deleting the edge will cause the faces that use it to disappear. The easiest way to test is to try deleting it and see what happens. If the face or faces go with it undo the delete.

Try removing the edge. Does it break the rest of the geometry? Sometimes objects that are extended may pick up stray geometry, but it’s not crucial.

If it breaks the geometry, try connecting the orphaned vertices with lines, to see if that “patches up” the face.

You can fix pretty much any geometry in Sketchup. The question is, what’s faster / easier.

I will try this next time I have the opportunity. I re-drew the geometry in question. Thank you.