Camera Clipping Plane (Clipping & missing faces)

Have you tried any of these?
→ Change camera mode to perspective.
→ Zoom extents.
→ When editing a component, double-click it and also click Zoom extents.

Official SketchUp Help Center: Clipping and missing faces | SketchUp Help
Another thread, same issue: View is cut off from certain angles. a bug?

Please someone tell me that 4 years after the original post there is a solution?! File size is 10mg so much smaller than the 35 someone else had…FOV is on the standard, on zoom out - there are no issues, just when I zoom in to make detailed adjustments, perspective is on and I’m right on top of the axis…and the full size of the model is 20m x 20m or so so again - didn’t think that was too big?!

@Pen, can you share the file to have a look?

Have you

  • turned on all layers,
  • enabled ‘Display Section Planes’,
  • disabled ‘Display Section Cuts
  • ticked ‘Hidden Geometry’ in ‘View’ menu,

just to see all there is in your modeling space?

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Hi Wo3Dan -
THANK YOU!!! It was the section planes/section cuts combo which seems to have done the trick. You have saved me hours of frustration. Really really appreciated.


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First: For people mentioning the size… file size is not the cause of clipping, it’s the actual physical size of the model-space… so if you have objects 10 km away from 0,0,0, then your model will count as being 10km ‘large’ even if the file-size is 0,1mb - equally, a 1GB sketchupfile with all geometry within 10 meters of 0,0,0 will not have clipping.

This is a rather annoying bug (limitation) and it should not be needed to be like this. I work on a landscape with a city, and the entire model is several km in size (and no, it has nothing to do with tidyness). If I then import this same model into say Lumion (or any other software I have that can import it) there are no issues… in Lumion the model will not start clipping due to large render-area. Lumion in general has clipping when close to objects (as does Sketchup and mostly all software) problem in sketchup is that large models clips farther away from the camera - effectively chopping away geometry many many meters in front of the camera… in Lumion you can also use a slider and chose how close/far the clipping occurs… So it’s not something that can’t be fixed.

My current workaround is to copy the parts I work on out into a new empty file with ‘paste in place’ and just work on it, then copy paste it back into the real model… this is a hassle and should not be needed in 2019… Please look into how programs like Lumion solves this, and “copy” their solution :wink:

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I found this very helpful video on Youtube hope it helps someone.

it’s just the base suggestion , I ve tried it and it’s shame nothing special . my model still get clipping issue …

This problem can be easily solved with the brand new free SketchUp plugin: Clipping Fix.


Clipping Fix SketchUp Plugin Demo

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This seemed to be the case with my model. I have a terrain import of about 1km x 0,6km and then I had a *.jpg imported that was slightly larger than that. Once I deleted the *.jpg my clipping plane improved significantly.