Calling for testers for the Trimble Drawing Beta Programme!

The topic won’t be solved until we figure out what that image is. I still think it’s croissant. A loaf of bread at the very least.


Well, as long as it’s not draining the ressources from the SU team, all well & good…
But please be aware that we NEVER get proper feedback from them about the BIM aspects of SU & when, or even if, we can expect to have some of the basics addressed properly, hence the annoyance.
Plus as @JQL rightly points out, working in the field on a web-based tool is not really credible in many parts of the world…
& @Odd_Haakon_Byberg is that not an armadillo ? :wink:

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As this is in the Trimble Connect environment I think dealing with BIM, IFC and all the information aspect of the model would be key.

Let’s where this will lead.


Thanks for your comment. These are excellent feedback. We are working closely with the Trimble Drawing team to ensure the design of such a CAD product integrates well with SketchUp workflows and requirements. Best way to influence the development is to join the beta programme and put your feedback there, so the Drawing team can consider them. Thanks!


is it the project manager?
Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 16.21.33


One thing that would be cool would be too have Drawing and Layout being able to import Timbim models for documentation.

I agree the future should be BIM but unfortunately on the present CAD is still the standard, at least for construction, it’s necessary that the documentation is available on a dwg or dxf format. I haven’t tried this tool so far but I will do it to see if it’s what we’ve been asking for a while now.

I understand your point of view but I do not share it. If I want an engineer to calculate a concrete structure, he prefers an IFC to a DWG, the same goes for a MEP system. If I want to make a measurement and an estimate, I prefer an IFC, it is much faster. And on site, we will soon be using software like Trimble AR to check if everything is done correctly, not a DWG. In the meantime when I go to a construction site I prefer to go with my SketchUp model on the iPad than with a bunch of 2D plans.


You’re right I’m not talking about I or any other professional must use cad actually I left autocad 8 years ago, but if you want to get the permission to build anything you must present your construction documentation as DWG file, if you don’t do it you won’t get the approval hence you won’t be able to take your 3D model to the construction site. This is something that must change but for now cad is the universal, so it would be nice to have another tool to go from 3D to 2D or from layout to dwg.

I also prefer all that, but I’m starting to build a house right now, and the first thing the escavation team asked for was the DWG files.

I didn’t even bother explaining that I had the 3D model. I just send it to them.

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This development makes the point of fixing all the little issues from Layout DWG export even more urgent.

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Yess, but how is a new product any better than simply improving the export, so you don’t need another app to check?? Both paths eat time and resources.

I’m sure some folks will sign up, but what I’m hearing is folks would prefer the effort be put into SU improvements. Why not do “CAD” w/ in SU and LO, rather than creat yet another app?

because this new product is not JUST for Sketchup. it’s for ALL trimble connect. meaning all the users of a trimble app.

same way, the trimble connect visualizer is not super well integrated with SU right now, can’t read the scenes for example, or edit materials. Because they are not developing a tool for SU specifically but for their whole ecosystem. and in my opinion, that’s a good idea.

here we’re talking about different teams, different budgets, and a broader scope than just the SU user.

a similar case was at adobe, they took photoshop, started to put 3d tools in it, 3d painting, stuff like that, and at some point extracted all that in a couple of separate softwares. as they did with interface creation before.

Yeah, there is a team working on layout, and they do stuff for layout users, and there is another team working on trimble connect, and they develop stuff for all trimble users.

edit : I might add, we’ve seen the problems with layout, it’s not evolving very fast, it’s buggy, slow, you could find 10 threads here of people asking either a full restart or a deep revamp.
But it doesn’t seem to be the main emergency for trimble, it only impacts SU pro users, and not even all of them, many of us barely use layout.

but a cross-software accessible by all trimble users might, in the end, mean a better development and maintenance. and I mean, we were asking for a full rebuild, that’s pretty much what they are doing, a CAD/Layout tool built from the ground up and (hopefully in the end) fully integrated. Why not.


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