Help me share my drawings with employees who need to build them

Hello All!

I am fairly new to SketchUp. I have been using it for about 5 months to draw my woodworking projects, make a cutlist and have renderings for my team to work from as they build. I have been printing pages and pages of the various views for my team, which has proven costly because I have to purchase toner almost monthly.

I would like to have the ability to share my renderings via DropBox, Google Docs, or even email them to my team but I cannot figure out the procedure. Can anyone assist me with this? ~Alvin

Have you looked at the SketchUp viewer or the Web version?

Publish your SketchUp file to your Trimble Connect storage and share the link with them so they can look at the model in the online viewer.

You could also change the style in SketchUp so you have only black edges and white background. That would reduce the amount of toner you use. If they need construction documents, you could use LayOut to create the proper documents and either let them look at the PDF files or again print them. You can put multiple views (scenes) on a page.

This was done that way.

This one is designed to print on paper large enough so full size patterns can be lifted on the printed version.

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You might be interested in Trimble Drawings, you can sign up for testing here:

Thanks for sharing this information, Dave. I will give Trimble Connect a try.