Call the Kids to Dinner!

Sleepless night and needed something quiet to do. How about a Gothic-Revival dinner gong from England c.1880 modeled in SketchUp? Those crazy Victorians knew how to get a party started.

One of my Sketchy styles and some Fotosketcher action.



OMG! My grandparents had one just like that in the hall in their house in Kent, UK. And it was used for its purpose!

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Did it work?

Oh yes. It had a kind of reverberating sound that hung in the air. 'Course, as kids, we all wanted to be allowed to bang it. I remember that the head was a globular ball of filled leather but was a bit loose on the end of its stick, so there was always the peril that it might come off.

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If you have another sleepless night and want to add detail, the wood was a dark oak and the gong itslelf was bronze with a slightly dimpled finish.

I wish we’d had a gong. My dad tried a small bell he put on a post by the back door but we usually couldn’t hear it. He could whistle louder and would call us with three short blasts. A friend’s father put a whistle from a steam locomotive on the roof of his garage and connected it to an air compressor. The kids could hear that but so could the engineer on the 5:15. He made several emergency stops because of it. :smiley:

The one I modeled this from has a dark, fumed oak frame and the gong appears to be hammered bronze. The striker has white or light tan leather on the head.