Calculate external area of cylinder

How i calcule external area of cylinder ?

area external wall cylinder.skp (134.9 KB)

If you turn on View/Hidden geometry, you can select one facet of the cylinder wall and see its area in Entity Info. Then multiply by the number of segments in the circle at the end. This will give you an approximate answer, whose accuracy will depend on the number of segtments you have chosen and your units precision display settings.

Or calculate it algebraically from the cylinder’s diameter and height

Area = π * D * H

Turn on hidden geometry then turn off edges and you can select all the faces of the cylinder and get the combined area.


Mr John
how i calcule it automaticaly ?

Area total = S external x 24 ?

Mr Box,
Yes… i get, but …

how i calcule it automaticaly ?

Area total = S external x 24 ?

Yes, i get, but have mode automatic ?

Or with ‘Hidden Geometry’ off select the surface (all facets at once) and right click and select ‘Area’ in the context menu etc.
So Surface > Context Menu > Area > Selection > = result (see screenshot)

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You would still have to add the top surface and bottom for a total…

Paint the faces with an unique material (on 1 side only), right-click on the material in the Materials tray and select Area from the context menu.