Is there a square foot calculator?

Is there a square footage calculator when drawing house plans?

The “entity info” window shows the area of any selected shape - just make a shape to cover the whole footprint and it will tell you the area.

There are several ways to have SketchUp calculate/display area:

• Area is a Context Menu item for an individual or multiple selection of Faces and Surfaces.
(Note the context menu has Selection, Layer and Material submenus)

• Area is displayed in the Entity Info box when the selection is one or more Faces.

• Area is displayed in the Entity Info box when the selection is two or more Surfaces.

• In the Materials Browser – In Model panel, area is a Context Menu item for non-default materials in model.

• The area is the default text displayed when you click on a Face with the Text tool.

• The Query Tool displays the area when you hover over a Face.


Hi. You can see my tuto about arrache measurement on YouTube.

that area by material tip worked great for most circumstances. for some reason tho it gave me some trouble when calculating an extruded circle.

the modeled massing in the attached skp file has two materials - ‘c.facade’ in green and ‘c.roof’ in light green. when calculating area by material it results in a quantity that is almost triple than when calculating by selection, as seen in the attached images below.

i double checked that the material was not also on the inside surface, and isolated the geometry in its own file attached below just in case there were duplicates of the geometry i was not seeing. same issue. any ideas as to why the area quantity may be so far off?

20170407 test.skp (111.8 KB)

Simple. The first square area is the area of ALL the faces whereas the second calculation is only the area of the 3 faces making up the circle.

thanks for the input gkernan.

unfortunately these two quantities should be identical. the first is one surface selection (the circle portion) and area query by material and the second is a selection of all the surfaces with the specified material (circle portion + other facade surfaces in darker green) and area query by selection.\

still unsure why its producing two different quantities.

Perhaps you could share your query. It may be where the issue is.

i shared the screenshot of the queries as well as the sketchup model in the original post (the one w the images). let me know what you discover.

You can try this Square foot calculator - Hope this would help…