Calculating surface area SKP pro 2022 Mac M1

Hi folks, I have three similar models, two of which are much larger than the one posted here. I’m attempting to calculate the surface area of all deck boards so I can determine the correct volume of deck oil to purchase. Is there a way to do this all at once (per model of course)? I know I can use the text tool on individual components, but that’s not very practical time wise, Across all four models there’s hundreds of deck boards. I’m also trying to maintain the ability to generate a cut list, so I’m reluctant to explode and make all boards a single component.
As I’m writing this, it occurs that I can duplicate the model and blow one up, but I imagine that this kind of area calculation is very basic to the needs of SKP users and probably does not require a workaround.
@Dave R, I have seen your response to a similar question from some years ago, where the area for a single component is displayed in entity info. I am only seeing volume displayed when I select a single deck board. I can calculate surface area from volume, but whoa tedium.
I did use ThomThom’s group to component extension here. Wouldn’t be surprised if my workflow is an issue.
Any help is appreciated.
smallplinth126_8.skp (899.1 KB)

This is a favorite CutList 4.1 Easy to use. Free

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You have to get in the component or group, then selec just the face without the surrounding edges, you can see the area on the entity info bar or right click on the face then choose entity info. Multiply the area times the similar components or groups you have.

Make sure that you have painted all the surfaces you want to treat with the same material, and only on one side of the face. Then you can right-click on the material in the In Model section of the Material Browser, and select Area from the context menu.