Calculating area

Hi, how do I calculate the area in SU? I have a walkway and lawn area that are groups and need to determine the square footage.

If the surfaces are free just select them and right click onto the selection and select Entity info- the are will be shown in that window.
If you have the Entity Info window open, just select the surface.

Thanks. I have the entity window open and selecting the area but nothing shows in the entity window

You need to select just the surface, no edges, no groups, no nothing. Click once on the surface, if you have more, hold Shift and click each surface once.

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Select a face. Must be a face; not a group and no edges. Its area appears in Entity Info. You can select several faces and their combined area appears in Entity Info.


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If you have used materials consistently, you can also right-click on a material in the In Model tab in your Materials browser and select Area from the context menu to display the total area of that material in your model. Note that for faces you have painted on both sides, or componets that you have painted from the “outside” the area is counted two times.


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